Naples Day Two

Besides when we are at the beach in the summer most of our vacations are filled with going and doing. And by the time you get home you need a vacation from your vacation because you hardly took time to pause. Having only one child truly on “break”, made hitting the pause button so much easier. What’s interesting I find my mind struggling between being content with being still and truly relaxing versus thinking of things to be doing and seeing. Every time my mind wants to swirl into the busy mode I tell it, to rest. It’s hard, but it’s a must.

This morning Eli and Will woke up early to go fishing. This hobby has become a tradition for them when we travel. I love it! I think this fishing trip has been the best one yet! They met Captain Joe with Reel Funds Fishing Charters at 7:00am and headed 15 miles out. It has been windy here so they couldn’t go out as far as they had hoped, but everyone was thankful they could still go out. Eli’s line wasn’t in long before his first bite. Eli alone caught 54 fish (grouper, snapper and a puffer fish) and Will around 30. Eli even caught a pelican… or rather a pelican caught his beak on Eli’s line.

The boys brought home snapper for fish tacos and it was delicious. While Eli enjoys fishing he isn’t too big on eating fish ( Betsie too) so it always takes a little bribing!

While the boys were fishing Betsie went to her outdoor classroom while I took Anna Cate to the fitness center before lounging poolside. Once the Eli and Will returned we enjoyed lunch by the pool and continued to spend the day in the warm sun until it was time to come in to shower before dinner. And I even finished my book!

Over dinner we enjoyed some laughs before turning in for the night for a fun day tomorrow. Betsie doesn’t have class on Wednesdays (she has asynchronous schedule) so we are taking advantage of it!

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