Here We Go Again….

Will caught the bug…the RV bug. Our family enjoyed the RV experience so much during the summer of 2020 that Will started researching RV’s in great detail within the first month of our return. On February 26th, 2021 the Nexus Ghost was delivered to Will and Jeff (Will and his law partner went in together!) from Dallas, Texas. We haven’t named her yet, but she is a beauty! And she was in pristine condition. The timing of her arrival was perfect to take her on her maiden voyage for Eli’s spring break.

She is a beauty!

We spent a week buying everything we needed to outfit the RV. We also wanted to make sure we were organized as much as possible since we learned last summer what we liked and what we didn’t like. The inside of our house looked like an Amazon distribution center for a few days until we loaded her up!

Last summer we rented a 32 foot Jayco Greyhawk. The inside offered a bunk above the driver seats, a sofa, dinette, fridge (small), bunks, bathroom (with two entrances) and a queen master in the back. The storage under the RV was limited and the compartments were small. Storage UNDER the RV is key for many reasons, but especially in keeping the inside organized!

When we were in Moab, Utah over the summer Will saw his first Super C RV and was intrigued from the start. Let’s just say June 22, 2020 was the day his RV research started on a small scale before really picking up when we got home. The Super C grabbed him from the beginning.

Will decided on a Class C over a Class A because he liked the layout with the bunk beds and bunk over the driver seats which is more common in a Class C. The reason for the Super C came down to the weight. In the regular Class C we were blown around by wind, trucks passing us and even Class A RV’s (these are the large motorcoach ones). The reason for the Nexus Ghost was the floor plan, the slides that open on each side are spaced out so when closed it doesn’t impede on your interior walking space and fit and finish were important too! It’s a long way from what you would find in a house, but it’s pretty nice. Will also wanted an 18 wheeler engine for the ease of repairs and service if needed when on the road. You read that right, our front end looks like an 18 wheeler and we are the same height as them driving down the road! The Ghost is also 37 feet long.

Which is a great time for me to share my favorite aspects of the Ghost compared to the Greyhawk we had this summer. First, because of the layout inside and the fact we have slides on each side the main “living” room when fully opened is huge! I could do a full floor workout and everyone can still walk around me. Second, the entire height is at least one foot higher. Like in a house ceiling height adds so much! Third, the dinette area on the Jayco has storage under the bench seats, however you have to remove the cushions in order to access the storage area. With this the back cushion and seat cushion both would come unvelcroed (is this a word, lol) often and by often I mean multiple times a day! It was awful!!! The storage under our dinette is in a drawer that slides out! Which also means no cushions come unattached and fall off!!!! This might be my favorite feature. Actually, the fridge size might be tied. The fridge is double the size we had all summer. It’s amazing! And lastly, the storage underneath is so massive and plentiful we could have someone living underneath and would never know!

Main living area
Chair opposite the sofa
Working on the road!

It has been fun outfitting it and organizing everything. We wanted to make sure just about everything had a home. And make it feel as homey as we could. Due to the larger fridge I lost a pantry, so I had to make one; however, trust me when I saw the larger fridge is worth it’s weight in gold!!!! Gone are the days of opening it on the road and having everything fly out.

My pantry! It’s stocked now, lol!
Bunkhouse. When we travel the bottom bunk folds up to another sofa. We simply take the bedding off (it’s all wrapped around the memory foam) and place on the master bed.

We left on Saturday morning to start our journey to the Sunshine State for some warmth. CreekFire Resort where we started and ended our summer 2020 trip in Savannah was halfway for us and we couldn’t think of a better place to stop. It was a new RV resort last year and wow the expansion and growth in 8 months was amazing! It was packed! And the Lakefront Restaurant was open which meant the dinner I prepped (you know how much I loved to prep on our last trip!!!) is all ready for when we pull into Florida! I decided cooking out in warmer weather when we would be 100% unpacked and organized would be more relaxing too! It was the best decision.

Breakfast Prep
Dinner Prep

Everyone slept well and the memory foam pads we bought for each bed was a great decision. We had a quick breakfast, got dressed, prepared for departure and were off by 9:00am. Vitamin D here we come!

P.S. We will post more interior pictures and a video tour when we arrive in FL!

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