Day Two: First Day on the Road

Our first day on the road was a success!!! I asked Will for some words to describe driving his first RV as my thoughts on driving simply come from the backseat. He said, “I feel like a 15 year old who just got their learner’s permit (sound familiar Betsie?!?!).” After two hours of driving and getting pushed around by 18-wheelers he was used to driving and the cruise control was set.

I always get asked the same question when we travel for long lengths of time. Is Will taking off from work? NO. I can’t think of the last time we travelled and he didn’t work at all. Yesterday was just another day in the office for him taking calls on the road. One in particular was quite humorous from the passenger’s seat and it will give you an idea for Will getting used to driving. We have years of “training” on being quiet in the car while conference calls are in effect, but yesterday I had to laugh out loud! As Will was talking we were passed by a 18-wheeler and Will said, loudly, on the call, WWHHHOOOAAAA! No explanation was given so I can only imagine what the other person on the phone was thinking!!! In all seriousness, we have become comfortable with the RV on the road. We love being able to walk around, to be in the kitchen to make lunch, and finding the best place to take naps (the kids and dog only). Unfortunately, Will does not understand this luxury and freedom yet, as I am waiting for the empty roads out west before I even think about driving.

Anna Cate napping
Betsie and Eli napping
Pawley napping

Yesterday, we drove for six hours to Marianna, Florida where we simply picked a place to stop right off Interstate 10. When we were planning our trip we looked at reviews on three different apps for each place as anyone can have a great website. Yet, you can never be 100% sure what you are going to get. When we arrived to the entrance of Florida Caverns RV Resort, it was not the entrance we had previously experienced in Savannah, so we were a little concerned for what was to come. But true to their website it was minutes off I-10 and the setting was very pretty. Unfortunately, the bath houses were so bad Eli and Will didn’t even want to use them (and that is saying a lot!). Between the view we had, the use of the pool and kayaks and meeting friendly guests our first stop was a pleasant one. Mike, who works for Florida Caverns RV Resort was extremely helpful in helping the RV newbies set up.

The entrance to the RV Resort
Our view
Our view

After we set up everything, which took less than ten minutes, Betsie and Eli were off to kayak in the water that is so clear you can see the bottom and Anna Cate took Will to the pool. I took Pawley for a walk and took pictures of everyone having fun before heading back to the RV to start dinner. Seeing as I have lost all concepts of what day of the week it is, we had tacos for dinner seeing as any night can be Taco Tuesday. After dinner we enjoyed our outdoor space, the kids went fishing and I made JO’s amazing chocolate chip cookies in our outdoor toaster oven! It was a perfect evening. By 9:30 we were wiped from the night before and ready to call it a night!

Betsie and Eli kayaking
Anna Cate and Will in her favorite place
Eli fishing
Betsie fishing
Will and Anna Cate
Pawley, Anna Cate, Emilie, Eli and Betsie

Everyone slept great! Will and I woke up around 5:00 am (central time) this morning (Friday, June 12th) to enjoy coffee outside together for a few hours before the kids started moving around. It was a special treat for us to have that time together especially since today is Will’s birthday!

Using our new mugs from our dear friend Nicole H!

We are rolling… stop Louisiana!

4 thoughts on “Day Two: First Day on the Road

    1. It’s certainly is! Did you happen to notice Eli’s shirt when we were in Louisiana!?!? Covid certainly let this opportunity happen for us.


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