Day Five: First Full Day in Sugar Land

It felt incredibly nice to simply relax and do nothing today. And by nothing I mean, we didn’t leave the house. Will, my dad and I were the first three up and we sat outside enjoying coffee and conversation. When Eli came outside Popo surprised him by saying he will take him to one ofContinue reading “Day Five: First Full Day in Sugar Land”

Day Four: Third Day on the Road

We are becoming I-10 regulars. Today we drove for five hours with one 45 minute stop as Will needed to take a conference call. It was easier all the way around if we stopped so he could talk without road noise as many parts of I-10 were under construction making the roads rough. Will onlyContinue reading “Day Four: Third Day on the Road”

Day Three: Second Day on the Road

Every day gets easier and easier. The driving, the set up and breakdown, and everything in between. One of my favorite aspects of the RV upfront is the navigation system tells you when you are going over the speed limit. Will said it’s his second wife talking and I love as she does the workContinue reading “Day Three: Second Day on the Road”

Day Two: First Day on the Road

Our first day on the road was a success!!! I asked Will for some words to describe driving his first RV as my thoughts on driving simply come from the backseat. He said, “I feel like a 15 year old who just got their learner’s permit (sound familiar Betsie?!?!).” After two hours of driving andContinue reading “Day Two: First Day on the Road”

Day One: Unpacking and Organizing

We made it to Savannah, Georgia to pick up the RV!  Before I tell you about the experience of “unpacking”, as it is a story, I wanted to share how we picked the type of RV and where we rented it from as many people have asked. Renting an RV and driving cross country hasContinue reading “Day One: Unpacking and Organizing”

24 Hours and Counting

We are in the final countdown until we pick up the RV. Two cars are packed with four seasons of clothes, the Instapot and everything in between. The house is rather calm as the kids are soaking in every last minute of gaming and social media time before our family unplugs for almost five weeksContinue reading “24 Hours and Counting”