Day Twenty-Eight: Enjoying the Black Hills and a Visit to Mount Rushmore

It’s hard to believe today is day twenty-eight! There are so many aspects of this trip we have loved, but I will save those all for the end. However, one is how we have been able to do so much as a family. Today was one of those days! We let the kids sleep inContinue reading “Day Twenty-Eight: Enjoying the Black Hills and a Visit to Mount Rushmore”

Day Twenty-Seven: Drive to Hill City, South Dakota

Today Will and I slept in which was a nice treat. And by ‘slept in’ I mean we didn’t set an alarm; however our bodies still had us up before sunrise. Which was great for Will as he was able to take Pawley for a walk to watch the sunrise down by the river. WeContinue reading “Day Twenty-Seven: Drive to Hill City, South Dakota”

Day Twenty- Six: Drive to Evansville, Wyoming

Will, Betsie and Eli woke up at 4:45 am to go see the sunrise at Schwabacher’s Landing along the Snake River. Since the water is calm here, it is a great location for capturing the Teton’s reflection in the water. I slept in with Anna Cate and Pawley. The pictures they captured were truly breathtaking!Continue reading “Day Twenty- Six: Drive to Evansville, Wyoming”

Day Twenty-Three: Drive from Heber City to Jackson, Wyoming

Do you ever have one of those days when you say, “I couldn’t even make this up if I tried”? Or, “let’s pretend today never happened”? I think we all would like to forget day twenty-three and skip right to day twenty-four. However, day twenty-three is part of our adventure and our story. As youContinue reading “Day Twenty-Three: Drive from Heber City to Jackson, Wyoming”

Day Twenty-Two: Zion National Park and Our Drive to Heber City, Utah

July 1st was the first day Zion National Park was allowing the shuttle busses to run, but you had to have a ticket in order to ride, due to covid precautions. Tickets went on sale at 9:00 am on June 30th and were sold out for the only day we were going to be thereContinue reading “Day Twenty-Two: Zion National Park and Our Drive to Heber City, Utah”

Day Twenty-One: A Day of Driving to Virgin, Utah

As you know from yesterday, we hit the road by 10:00 am for our long(er) day of driving. The drive was pretty easy and relatively flat until we entered Utah. We had one mini stop off the interstate so Will could close his 6th deal! And when I say, “stop off the interstate”, picture usContinue reading “Day Twenty-One: A Day of Driving to Virgin, Utah”

Day Twenty: Salvation Mountain and Joshua Tree

The morning started off a little slower as the air outside was lovely and the temperature was in the low 70’s. Will took his morning office hours outside by the pool and I wrote yesterday’s post outside as well, only moving locations twice as the sun was rising and I could not see my computerContinue reading “Day Twenty: Salvation Mountain and Joshua Tree”

Day Nineteen: Pacific Coast and LA

Every since the kids heard California was on the itinerary, they wanted to go to Los Angeles. I wanted to take them to San Diego and other parts, but as you know you can’t do everything. We decided to let this day be more about the kids than anything else. It was a two hourContinue reading “Day Nineteen: Pacific Coast and LA”

Day Eighteen: Palm Springs, California

Guess what we did today? NOTHING! And it was absolutely lovely! We were extremely lazy in the morning (and well into the afternoon) with Betsie and Anna Cate sleeping in the longest (10:45 am and 12:15 pm!!!!). I completed all our laundry of clothes, towels and sheets. In between loads I wrote yesterday’s blog postContinue reading “Day Eighteen: Palm Springs, California”

Day Seventeen: Drive to California

We have officially driven from one coast to the other! Yesterday was a long day, but it didn’t seem as long of a drive as other days. Will wanted a departure time of 9:00 am out of Williams as we had to drop off the rental car on our way to California. When we arrivedContinue reading “Day Seventeen: Drive to California”