RV Real Talk with the Rabkes

It felt so weird to wake up the past two mornings and not be on the RV. While I certainly loved spreading out in a king size bed and found some much needed alone time, a piece of me misses RV life. Going from being out in nature for thirty-five days to coming back toContinue reading “RV Real Talk with the Rabkes”

Day Thirty-Five: Complete Circle

We thought we would get woken up early by the chickens of Lollypop Acres; however, we did not hear them at all. Will was up first rather early (and I think before the chickens!) as he had to do some things for work and take a call. After his early call he took Pawley forContinue reading “Day Thirty-Five: Complete Circle”

Day Thirty-Four: Drive to Griffin, Georgia

When we were planning our RV adventure there were about seven apps we downloaded. One was called Harvest Hosts. It lists places all over the country where you can stay overnight or longer on the property of golf courses, vineyards, breweries, farms or other attractions. We knew we always wanted to stay at one onContinue reading “Day Thirty-Four: Drive to Griffin, Georgia”

Day Thirty-Three: The Gateway Arch, Barbecue and Clarksville, Tennessee

These last days of our travels will be filled with more driving and less sightseeing. This morning we let our bodies wake us up and we were on the road by 9:30 am heading into St. Louis. We wanted to see the Gateway Arch; but unfortunately due to covid we were unable to go upContinue reading “Day Thirty-Three: The Gateway Arch, Barbecue and Clarksville, Tennessee”

Day Thirty-Two: Drive to St. Louis, Missouri

Check out for our VRBO was 11:00 am, but we were on the road by 10:00 am. We were very fortunate we had such a beautiful day on Eli’s birthday because today was cloudy and rainy again. Our drive today was around five hours and the view was a mixture of green land for milesContinue reading “Day Thirty-Two: Drive to St. Louis, Missouri”

Day Thirty-One: Day on the Water at Lake Galena

After all the rain we had on the last part of our drive yesterday, it was incredible to see a beautiful blue sky this morning. Will and I woke up on the earlier side and we waited for the birthday boy to come upstairs. I can’t believe Eli is 13! His birthday is the lastContinue reading “Day Thirty-One: Day on the Water at Lake Galena”

Day Thirty: Drive to Galena, Illinois

Today was simply spent in the car driving to our last VRBO of the trip in Galena, Illinois. We wanted to have a fun location to celebrate Eli’s birthday and the Galena Territory area looked like it would be a fun and relaxing area. Our drive was around five hours. Two hours in we realizedContinue reading “Day Thirty: Drive to Galena, Illinois”

Day Twenty-Nine: Badlands and Drive to North Sioux City, South Dakota

The longest drive in one day the entire trip was today. We knew one day heading back East was going to be a doozie; so we decided to have it be on the front end. Our drive today was just under seven hours with one stop to the Badlands National Park as the exit wasContinue reading “Day Twenty-Nine: Badlands and Drive to North Sioux City, South Dakota”

Day Twenty-Eight: Enjoying the Black Hills and a Visit to Mount Rushmore

It’s hard to believe today is day twenty-eight! There are so many aspects of this trip we have loved, but I will save those all for the end. However, one is how we have been able to do so much as a family. Today was one of those days! We let the kids sleep inContinue reading “Day Twenty-Eight: Enjoying the Black Hills and a Visit to Mount Rushmore”

Day Twenty-Seven: Drive to Hill City, South Dakota

Today Will and I slept in which was a nice treat. And by ‘slept in’ I mean we didn’t set an alarm; however our bodies still had us up before sunrise. Which was great for Will as he was able to take Pawley for a walk to watch the sunrise down by the river. WeContinue reading “Day Twenty-Seven: Drive to Hill City, South Dakota”