Where RV Now?

Day Eight: Mackinac Island

First, let’s get the pronunciation correct. It looks like it should be pronounced mack-i-nac….but it really is pronounced ma-kuh-naa (naw). The only way to get to the island is by boat and no cars are allowed on the island. You get around by foot, bike or horse drawn carriages which also act as their taxis.Continue reading “Day Eight: Mackinac Island”

Day 2: Father’s Day

We were all “sleeping in” (6:20am) when we heard this big crash followed by Will saying help. He sleeps in the front of the RV and I’m all the way in the back with AC. I started saying, “Will, Will are you okay?”, with no response as I’m climbing over pillows and Pawley barriers toContinue reading “Day 2: Father’s Day”


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