Day Eleven: Starting Our Journey “Home” and Our Return

Every trip must come to an end. Will wanted an early start so we could drive as much as we could today, leaving a shorter drive for Wednesday. We packed up a good amount the night before and hooking up Betsie’s car was the best decision.

We rolled out of Indigo Bluffs in Empire, Michigan around 6:50am. AC fell right back to sleep for about two hours as did Bets and Eli.

The drive was relatively easy although it was long. Starting around 11:00am Will started having call after call. We had one call which was easier if he took off the road so we stopped someplace in Ohio for about twenty minutes. Seeing as it was around lunchtime I made AC and I lunch while we were stopped.

I try to keep the RV chronicles as real as I can so you can experience the highs and the lows with us. Don’t get me wrong Rving is fun; however, an RV is like a home and can have issues just as your home would. Yesterday it was a comedy of issues that had some laughing and some not so much after a long day (12 hours!) of driving. Can you guess who was not laughing!?!?

First, let’s talk potty talk. RV toilets are a different in a few ways. One, you must use specific RV/Boat toilet paper. Two, you should place an “x” above the hole in the toilet before going number two. Three, you can get toilet paper jams if it’s not breaking down the paper (you throw in tablets to help with this). Four, you must empty the black tank often as it can only hold so much and you don’t want backups back into the RV. Five, the connection between the toilet and the tank isn’t so big so if needed a hanger or your hand (with arm) works great.

Okay, we were traveling on the Ohio Turnpike when we pulled into a Rest/Service Area so Will could use the bathroom (clearly since he is the driver we need to stop for his breaks). Right after he went, Eli did but Eli came up to the front to say the toilet wasn’t flushing. Great! Will was on a call (on mute) so he multitasked playing plumber and lawyer. While he was trying to figure it out, I looked up the closet dump station. A dump station is a public place where they have a RV hook up to dump your black tank. Interesting fact, every other service area on the Ohio Turnpike has them and the next one was 23 miles up the road. Will wrapped the toilet in beach towels and the floor in hopes it would not overflow while we made the 23 mile drive.

Off we drove and thank the Lord, nothing came out when we stopped! The issue, a back log of toilet paper that got stuck and was not flushing out of the hose when Will would empty the black tank was fixed with a long coat hanger, some jabbing of the coat hanger by Will, emptying of the tank and constant water flowing into the toilet by me while Will continued to empty the tank. All was good in time for Will to take his last call of the day! Instead of getting back on the road, we pulled into a parking spot as this call was only going to be about fifteen minutes.

The call was short and sweet (from the passengers end) and we were back on our way to our final stop for the night in Uniontown, Pennsylvania (another 2 hour drive). Wills had “asked” me to pick a place right off the interstate to make getting back on the road in the morning quick and easy. Well, let’s just say the KOA I picked looked close to the interstate.

Once off the highway and after traveling the hills of Pennsylvania I hear Will say from the front, “I thought I said an RV park off the interstate?” I thought so too. Too late now and down into a valley we go.

The KOA at River’s Edge in Uniontown, Pennsylvania was beautifully situated between the Youghiogheny River and the Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail. It was a peaceful and beautiful setting if we had time to enjoy it. When we pulled in it was hot and humid, making me miss the cooler temperatures of up North during this time of year. Oh, I think I’m getting old, lol!

This place is so remote while you had WiFi, there was no cellular. I liked it…no one else did.

I saved campfire nachos for dinner; however I make them over a grill and not a campfire (especially tonight since we had no wood for a fire). Due to the heat we ate inside. While I was making dinner Will went to use the bathroom on the RV to find the door was locked…and no one was inside. Oh the look of are you kidding me that was on Will’s face. A few screwdrivers (the tool not the drink) later, the knob was off and the bathroom was useable. The knob is currently still off and will be fixed once back in Richmond in cleaning day.

Dinner was yummy followed by leftover peach pie and bed time was early for some of us. Will sent a bunch of emails before he turned in and before I knew it he was waking me up at 5:45am. Another day on the road!

While I love the convenience of Rving and I love traveling I definitely can’t wait for a long shower (I can’t remember the last day I washed my hair, lol) in a shower outside the RV and getting back to daily exercise. Not finding time to exercise while away on the RV has been the one thing I haven’t figured out. I need it for both my mental and physical health and when I don’t have it I feel my mood start to slide. The only leg exercises I get, besides walking, is balancing myself walking in the RV going down the road at 65mph and the squat performed in the bathroom while also driving down the road. Arm band exercises depend on whether or not I’m holding paralegal hours which is more common than not.

We have two and half hours left in our drive from our summer RV trip. It was an early trip this year as Betsie is going to camp, we want to spend time at the beach and Jeff (Will’s law partner) and his family are doing a big RV trip in a week. While we may be returning to our hometown, we are in a transition phase

Next time on the RV will be for a long fall weekend, unless we have to move on if our home isn’t complete by the time October comes. If that is the case, I will make sure to send anyone reading the address as I will need a constant supply of wine by that point!

Tomorrow I will do the family interview wrap up on our time in Michigan. I’m needed now for my paralegal skills in assisting with closing calls. Cheers for now!

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