Day Three: Final Stretch to Michigan

Another morning we “slept in” and took our time getting ready. Will held some office hours in the morning while I wrote the blog post and had my quiet time. After Will took one call in which he needed his computer, we got the RV ready for departure and headed out around 10:30am. Funny little side note, when Will was on his call Anna Cate started playing Post Malone’s song Psycho really loud! It was hilarious!!!

The drive was uneventful and we didn’t really have any good stories. Work zones make for tight lanes and we did have to navigate through a few of them along the way. Once we got close to our destination we were on a two lane road that reminded me of many of the two lane roads in Massachusetts. You are driving along and come up to a round about that will take you to three to four different towns. By 3:57pm we pulled in to the KOA Holiday Traverse City.

Driving positions resumed
Made it
Pulling in

Friends, we have most definitely escaped the heat and humidity of Virginia. I am sure we had some looks and comments when we came out of the RV in tshirts and shorts while they are bundled up in jeans and jackets. When we arrived it was 53 degrees! I believe this is half of what it felt like in Richmond yesterday! I will say the fresh air felt great; however, it’s definitely going to take an adjustment period. And possibly a purchase of a few new jackets as only Anna Cate and Betsie have their fleece jackets with them. One thing about being in transition like we are between all the different places we are staying this summer until our house is finished is trying to pack for each place individually. And then remembering where you put the rest of your clothes! At least we are not in some remote area where stores are not present.

One aspect of being in colder temperatures and at a campground we love is the constant smell of fires; to me this is the classic sign of camping/glamping/Rving. The whole campground smells amazing!

When you didn’t listen to mom and only brought one pair of pants you resort to pajama bottoms to keep you warm. She is living her inner camp girl self preparing for her two weeks in the wilderness this summer!

After we unhooked the car (and took the cover OFF), and hooked up the RV Betsie and I drove (yes we did because we still had shorts on and a large laundry basket) to the laundry area. I started two loads while I made dinner. Before we came on the trip I prepped three meals ahead of time and froze them. While we were driving today I had Eli take one of them out of the freezer to start defrosting. Since I did the hardest and most time consuming part beforehand the final prep took less than ten minutes. Before I put the taco bake in the oven outside we ran back to flip the clothes to the dryer.

Final preparations in my favorite pan before going in the oven
Oven time

Dinner was warm and delicious! We ate inside as we wanted to save our outside time for s’mores. It’s a good thing I doubled the recipe as I had some hungry peeps! After dinner clean up we bundled up and took Anna Cate for a walk around the giant loop. We tried to stay in the sun as much as possible as it felt so good hitting your back.

Final touches
Took this on the way to do laundry. Keeping warm outside in the sun…love it

Once we arrived back at our site we pulled up chairs around the campfire and bundled up with blankets to enjoy s’mores. Between the wind and the temperature I don’t think we lasted longer than fifteen minutes outside. One huge plus is it stays lighter here so much longer (sunset is at 9:30pm), so at least we had the sun with us outside. However, going to bed while it’s still light out for this early bird (when it happens on the RV) is different for sure!

Bundled up
She blinked right when I took the only picture Eli would allow

We also had a first with the fact we had to turn the heat on last night! It heats up fast so we have to make sure we find a happy medium otherwise it gets sweltering.

I don’t know what time Betsie and Eli turned in but I know Anna Cate was out like a light by 9:45pm and my eyes were closing very soon after. I think Will and I were out by 10:00pm.

We can’t wait to go exploring tomorrow! And we will be celebrating a birthday….you will have to wait and see who’s it is.

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