Day Five- Leaving Naples

I don’t think anyone wanted to leave the warm sun. I know I didn’t! There is something about the warmth of hit hitting your skin that makes you feel alive. Or rejuvenated. Or both.

Naples Motorcoach you have treated us well!

We had “planned” to pull out between 9-10am knowing we had a seven hour drive and one stop so Will could hold office hours (aka a conference call). Turns out we were only off by fifteen minutes; by 10:15 we were rolling north.

Betsie was in the back as she had a half day of school and everyone else resumed their normal duties and/it positions. The day was long as we hit some traffic in Florida near Sarasota that slowed us down for a bit. And then our stop took an hour as well.

Usually we try to only drive in daylight hours as it makes for a much more pleasant arrival experience especially since you have full light for connecting your hook ups. However, sometimes life happens and you get there when you get there. That was us last night. We rolled in to CreekFire in Savannah at 8:00pm. Luckily for us they have a restaurant (remember we ate here too on our way down to FL) and as soon as arrived Betsie and Eli jumped out to head there to place our order and wait for the food. Will, AC and I went to the site to set up.

We made it! Or maybe we are celebrating 🥳. Or maybe it’s both!

It was a later night and I think we all hit the wall of being tired that then lead to the sillies. No alarms were being set for the morning so we basically all crashed when our eyes couldn’t stay open any longer.

Today we wrap up the maiden voyage and head back home to Richmond to unpack and clean her up for Jeff (Will’s law partner) and his family to enjoy over the weekend!

RV travel has been fun once again and the space we have in the Ghost is so much better than what we had over the summer! Having enjoyed her for a full week it has been remarkable the differences; however, unless you have experienced a Class C before you will just have to trust me on what I am saying.

This morning we are wondering if someone brought their chickens with them as we hear them in the distance. The sun is coming up and it is a bit chilly. Will set up our tailgate table this morning as the coffee and breakfast station and we will be rolling out hopefully by 10:00am if not sooner.

I will plan on writing one more entry to this trip in regards to how we decided to outfit the inside, why we picked certain things, what are some musts and what I would change after one week!

It’s time to get some more coffee….

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