Naples Day Four

You would think after being woken up by the sun from this one little area in a window three days in a row I would remember to fix it. But I didn’t. Another morning I’m up to see the sunrise which I guess isn’t a bad thing. Plus I love (and need it!) my “me” time before the whole crew is up and moving. By the time I am up, Will has already logged an hour or two of work with Pawley by his side.

Today was our last day in Naples and I made sure to enjoy every second outside before heading back to cooler temperatures. Our day was split again between the boys and the girls.

Eli and Will had plans to head out to Fort Myers (a 45 minute drive) to a spring training baseball game. They went to see the Boston Red Sox play the Minnesota Twins. Will said it felt so good to be at a game and to feel some normalcy again! Eli caught two balls and enjoyed watching a sport in person. And it was a beautiful day to top it off!

Anna Cate and I spent the entire day poolside. And by entire, I mean six hours!!! We started the day with a treadmill workout, then poolside tanning, followed by a swim, then lunch poolside made by Betsie, then some poolside walks, more swim time and tanning. On Thursdays they have poolside music and it was the first day pretty much every seat was taken at the pool. Anna Cate enjoyed the music and laughed when some of her favorites were sung. Since Will was not poolside with us, it meant I had to go in the pool with Anna Cate. For those of you who don’t know me well, this is not something I typically do as I prefer to only go in when I’m really hot to cool off. However, yesterday I didn’t have a choice. Thankfully the pool temperature was lovely.

Betsie started her day with her outdoor classroom but then came back to the RV as she needed to charge her laptop and catch up on some work from having a “play” day on Wednesday. She really is incredibly diligent when it comes to time management and I can’t thank her fourth grade teachers from Rivers Edge enough for that skill they instilled in her years ago! Bets had a work day but took two breaks for some fresh air to walk Pawley.

When the boys arrived back from the game Will took a conference call poolside while Eli went back to the RV to relax. After Will’s call, Betsie met me up at the pool as I wanted to try pickle ball before we left. Having only watched people play the past three days and not reading up on the rules, we played the best we knew from simply watching. I mean we are all tennis players how hard can this be!?!

Will on his conference call

Hard? No. Different? Yes. Fun? Absolutely! Oh my goodness we had so much fun. Once you get the hang of it, it kinda felt like a giant ping pong game. I had Will call Eli to come try it. Eli is the golfer in the family, not tennis; however, I thought he would still enjoy it. And I was correct! He didn’t want to stop playing. What I love about it is everyone can pick up and play and it seems pickle ball courts are popping up more and more especially at RV parks. Anna Cate was laughing at us court-side when we would miss or do something funny. If you haven’t tried pickle ball, we highly recommend it!

We played three quick games to 15. Boys vs girls (15-4); Mom vs Eli (15-6) and Will vs Eli (15-9). Then we headed back to the RV for a shower before a pre-dinner walk as it was gorgeous outside.

Dinner was an RV favorite, campfire nachos (however we didn’t have a campfire so it was grill nachos), a Caesar salad, and oatmeal cranberry cookies in the oven! We also ate on the later side since we spent so much time outside soaking in every last second of the day.

Oh back to reality we go tomorrow….

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