Naples Day Three

First morning we all slept in. And by “slept in” I mean there were no alarm clocks. We didn’t realize until check in that our RV resort offered a full breakfast every morning so Betsie checked it out on Tuesday morning before setting up her outdoor classroom. She said it was amazing and yesterday we all tried it too. She was correct, it was delicious!

Morning sunrise with Pawley

By 10:00 am the cooler was packed with waters and lunch, the beach bag was packed with towels, hats and sunscreen and we were ready to go boating for the day.

We rented a pontoon boat (it was the nicest one we have ever rented) for the day. We meandered through Naples Bay taking in the amazing homes along the water some huge, some small and everything in between. A few even had yachts to match the size of their home.

Here we go
I can’t get over how grown up he looks!

Both Will and I in our searching of the Naples area found a beach off the beaten path we thought it would be fun to take the boat to. I have to say, I think for me this was the first time I ever anchored on a private beach and it was so fun!

It was around a 40 minute boat ride to Keewaydin Island and we anchored on the Rookery Bay side and walked the path to the Gulf. It was a short walk and the water was beautiful. And chilly! There were shells everywhere too!

Path to the Gulf

Before spending some time on the beach we ate lunch on the boat and Pawley cruised a beach edge for the time! He was a little nervous on his first boat ride too and didn’t know what to think.

A little nervous…..
…but also wanted in on the action!

We found mini conch shells, scroll shells, seashells and a whole sand dollar. The water was that perfect blue green color that you can stare at for days.

The wind started to pick up so we decided to cruise around and look at all the houses on the water as we were making our way back. The island of Keewaydin had some houses you could rent (or own) too. Talk about being secluded! Luckily they all had boat docks otherwise I think you would feel very landlocked.

This house was massive! It just kept going and going.
Here is another….
…and the boat to match. And to think all of this happened because of a hot dog! Boat name is Top Dog…Google it!
Pawley being a co-pilot

After our boat ride we drove back to the RV and Anna Cate went for a swim while Betsie and Eli had some down time. Then we all showered and got ready for dinner. Before our reservations (which I messed up…too many places with similar names!) we went to see the sunset. It was beautiful! At the beach at home we always see the sunrise, so it was nice to see the sunset on the beach.

We ate in Downtown Naples and Will found an Italian restaurant on 5th Ave that would take us without a reservation. The setting felt like we were sitting outside in Italy. It was incredible to see so many people out. It was like pre-covid! Our dinner was delicious and after we ate Betsie found a gelato shop a few blocks away. It was delicious. I tried the lemon spearmint sorbet and it was refreshing and light. The perfect compliment to my heavier Italian dinner.

Yep…pretty much sums up me trying to get a picture of these three!
The oldest is my shortest and my youngest is my tallest and my middle is still in the middle.

The whole day was wonderful and we are going to bed with full bellies, sun kissed skin, and lots of family memories.

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