Everyone has quickly adjusted right back into RV life. Anna Cate claims her spot on the sofa all lounged out with Pawley as her side kick. Betsie and Eli spend their time in their bunks unless they are hungry (or hear we opened a bag of M & M’s in which they come running). And I help Will navigate and make lunch for me, Will and AC. Betsie and Eli also take turns riding co-pilot.

A girl and her dog!
Let’s see if he actually reads the blog and notices this picture, lol! Nap #1246273

Our drive was straight down 95 South until I-4 and then from there we took the route with tolls. Which, does NOT take EZ-PASS by the way. Luckily the first toll plaza had a full service lane and we were able to pay cash. Unfortunately the exit didn’t have a full service toll plaza and we needed exact change! At this same time I was on the phone with the RV Resort we were headed to. Let’s just say, I needed to call her back so she didn’t think we were a chaotic bunch coming in!

At the time I was talking to her Will is telling me to get the coins out of the “bucket” and he is pointing up. Well, I am looking all over for this “bucket” and when he gave me clearer directions, the “bucket” was so dark I had to feel around for the coins, all while the lady is still on the phone and we are holding up the lane in the toll booth. Once we got through, I called Mariam back to redeem ourselves. She said, “oh honey, I have one of those. I knew what was happening so I just bowed out quietly”….lol! We all got a chuckle out of that, especially me!

Part of our route was through what seemed like Florida farm country. It was super quiet and hardly any cars. For a minute we felt like we were back in Texas!

The drive was pretty easy and our RV resort is close to a shopping area making it easy to go and grab things need be. Before I show pictures, let me explain something we learned in booking this RV Resort.

If you were planning a vacation to a town you look up hotels or Air BnB’s and you have a whole range of hotels. You have the level of a Ritz Carlton to a Holiday Inn. You have big chain hotels to boutique smaller hotels. And you have some above all of this and some below. There truly is something out there for everyone. The same is true for RV parks! There are RV resorts, RV parks, and RV campgrounds. And they are all VERY different. There are some that have an age restriction (55+), some which only allow Class A Motorcoach homes (the really big ones) and some that are adult only. You really have to do your homework. In doing our “homework” for this trip….which I will add came together very quickly because we didn’t know when the arrival date for the RV would be….we realized that some Class A only Motorcoach RV resorts also allow Super C’s! And the one we picked in Naples is one of them! And it is AMAZING! (There are four other Super C’ here).

We pulled in to the Naples Motorcoach RV Resort and Boat Club and this was our view in.

Turning in
Who doesn’t love a palm tree!!??!!
And yep…it’s gated!
Ready to go in!

We checked in and drove to our waterfront spot. I have to say, between the layout of this RV resort, the grounds and amenities it took to the top of the list by far! There are three pools (one with an infinity edge), a fitness center, huge room to do work in or hang out, pickle ball courts (I think I’m going to have to figure this game out!), a marina that has access to the Gulf, laundry facilities and amazing shower house with saunas!

Here are some pictures. I have also included some other sites as you can own a site and rent it out. Some have tiki huts, some have a mini house on site for an office or indoor kitchen and some have both!

Our view!
Another view from our spot. Do you spy another Super C!?!?
Anna Cate went right in after we hooked up and I got dinner ready.
Tree lined streets
Site with a Tiki Hut
This was my favorite site! Three driveways! House, outdoor kitchen, tiki hut and then another site for the RV!

It’s going to feel great to stay in one place this whole vacation and really relax. That was one thing we learned from our trip last summer…don’t do too much. However, it wouldn’t know that if you didn’t do it! Looking forward to to a day of pure relaxation and in the sun tomorrow.

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