Day Thirty-Five: Complete Circle

We thought we would get woken up early by the chickens of Lollypop Acres; however, we did not hear them at all. Will was up first rather early (and I think before the chickens!) as he had to do some things for work and take a call. After his early call he took Pawley for a walk and to meet Buddy. On his walk he met the family who was staying next to us and they were from Florida on their first RV trip too. They had a small van size Winnebago as it was just the mom, dad and their 14 year old son.

Pawley meeting Buddy

Will also spoke with Tanya, the owner and Lucy (she loved Pawley) about being a Harvest Host. Before moving to Georgia, they lived the RV life for six months and would often stay on Harvest Host properties. This is what had given them the idea to become a host when they bought the farm. She said they have been solidly booked ever since! I think it’s the fact they offer full hookups that sets them apart for sure!

Will asked if there was a way for us to get a half dozen farm fresh eggs and she said as soon as the chickens produced enough she would have Lucy bring them over (apparently the hens take their time in the morning). By 8:30am Lucy was knocking on our door! The RV smelled so good of bacon, farm fresh eggs and toast. It was the perfect farm style breakfast.

Lucy bringing us farm fresh eggs!
The best!

We let everyone sleep in and by 10:00am we were on our way to CreekFire RV Resort in Savannah where our journey started. Amy, Anna Cate’s main teacher of over thirteen years (quite honestly at this point she and her husband David are simply family!) gave us a book (Road Food) before our trip. It was hard to use it when we were on the go to each destination and our itinerary was not only planned out, but pretty tight. However, on the return trip with no real plans I knew it would be the perfect time to find at least one place to stop.

We all LOVE peaches and where is a better place to stop than in Georgia. Lane Southern Orchards was on our way so the stop in Fort Valley was an easy one. Lane is also a shipping facility and pre-covid you could go in the back and watch the operation. They were not 100% up and running making the cafe not open at this point; however, that didn’t stop us from getting peach soft serve, strawberry and peach swirl soft serve or peach cobbler. It was simply amazing! And we might have brought some some peach preserves too!

Georgia peach!
Who says you can’t have dessert for lunch!?!?

By 3:30pm we were back on the property of CreekFire RV Resort in Savannah . Kelly and Jeff (the people we rented the RV from) had dropped off one of our cars to us. After hooking up the power to get the AC running, as it was 103 degrees, Will, Anna Cate and I drove to pick up the other car.

Our last RV site
Love this RV Resort
The pool

On our way back in to the RV Resort I had to get out of the car to swipe the pass to open the gate. Apparently, I didn’t realize my glasses fell out (I had on my prescription sunglasses) and I ran over them! I have been wearing my glasses through covid but I guess until I get to the eye doctor my eyes will be seeing my contacts again!

RIP glasses

While I packed up the RV Will, Anna Cate and Eli went to the pool and Betsie stayed back to help. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and by 6:45pm we were pretty much all packed up and cars loaded minus the items we would need in the morning.

Still finding Alamosa moths (dead of course) as we packed!

When we first stayed here at CreekFire, Betsie had a friend from her sleep away camp in Asheville, North Carolina comment on one of her posts and said she would be staying here during the summer too. Would you believe she was here last night! I tell you, due to camp, Betsie I think can travel the entire USA and have a friend in every state! She was excited to see her and talk camplife seeing as they both missed their month there together this summer.

The restaurant at CreekFire isn’t open on Monday and Tuesdays so luckily I had enough ingredients left to make rice and bean tacos. It was simple, fast and delicious! By 11:00pm we were all tucked in for our last night of RV living.

On one hand I am a bit sad for this adventure to come to an end, but on the other hand I am ready for some space (both personal alone time and actual space). I enjoyed interviewing the crew about our epic summer trip and I look forward to sharing it with you tomorrow! I can’t say enough about our Outdoorsy experience renting our RV and how incredible Kelly and Jeff were. I truly feel like we have made two friends for life now through this experience!

Our party in the USA has come to an end, but the memories will live on forever! We thank the Lord for not only allowing us to be able to enjoy this time away but more importantly for the safe travels through twenty-five states and over 7,200 miles!

Odometer when we left on June 11th
Odometer when we finished on July 14th. 7,285.7 miles! This did not include rental car miles!
Our completed circle

5 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Five: Complete Circle

  1. Bravo! Hooray! And Happy Landing! What an epic, wonder-filled family vacation! I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed hitchhiking along via your daily reports. Thank you so much. 🥰🥰🥰Shirley

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  2. Thank you for sharing your amazing trip!
    We made our first cross-country trip in 1987 with our then 14, 12, and 10-year-olds. We still talk about it to this day. You’ve made fabulous life-long memories.


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