Day Thirty-Four: Drive to Griffin, Georgia

When we were planning our RV adventure there were about seven apps we downloaded. One was called Harvest Hosts. It lists places all over the country where you can stay overnight or longer on the property of golf courses, vineyards, breweries, farms or other attractions. We knew we always wanted to stay at one on this trip, but never knew where.

The front end of our trip was planned out immediately, but the back end we tweaked all the way up to last week. It was during this time that I found a Harvest Host on our route in Griffin, Georgia. Whenever you are looking for a place to stay whether a campground, Airbnb, or harvest host (or actually anyplace!) reading reviews is very important. Being there are five of us on the RV and knowing what we know now after living the RV life for over thirty days I knew it would be tight if we stayed overnight anywhere with zero hookups. Our tanks must be on the smaller side because I feel like we blink and they go from empty to 2/3 full. When I read the reviews for the Harvest Host in Griffin I was really excited to hear they had four (and soon to be five) FULL hookup sites! A downside to Harvest Host is the fact they only allow reservations two weeks out or not at all leaving a first come first serve situation. Luckily this location was a two weeks out reservation and they had ONE left!

We left Clarksville, Tennessee around 9:30 am and drove straight to Griffin, Georgia which was about a five and a half hour drive (minus a gas stop and traffic slow downs in Atlanta). Will and I were thinking about taking a side trip into the Ruby Falls area near Chattanooga, but decided this area would make for a great long weekend trip in the fall. I also have Nashville and Franklin on my list, but again when I go I want to stay for a few days and enjoy every minute, so this was a ‘until next time’ too. There are SO many places to see, yet you have to be realistic and leave many for the ‘next time’.

Batman building (AKA AT&T building) in Nashville
Home of the…..
Beautiful drive through Chattanooga, Tennessee
So pretty

The kids slept the majority of the trip (surprise surprise) and Eli is almost finished his 7th book! I’m a bit jealous of his reading on this trip as it’s usually me finishing books left and right. Whoever sits upfront has to talk and keep Will company and since it’s usually me, reading is out of the question.

Around 4:30pm we arrived to the gate of Lollypop Acres, our Harvest Host for the evening. The five sites are on the back of the property and they have done an amazing job of creating a true ‘camp’ setting. There were already three other RV’s on site and we took the last slot just as they mentioned. Once we parked and hooked up we couldn’t wait to explore the property!

Gate to Lollypop Acres
Our site for the night
The mini RV Park

First we headed straight across from our site to the field with the three horses and beautiful vegetable gardens. Then we walked over by all the chickens as we were trying to find Buddy the Pig! We saw him driving in, but could not find him at this time. There was a beautiful pond on the property which we walked to and sat down by for a few minutes before heading back up to the RV to make dinner.

Horses in the field
Looks like a mini, but we don’t know
Fam on the Farm
Baby chicks
The pond
Kids taking it all in. At this moment, I have to say it felt so good to be still and simply breathe ( this was not posed either they all wanted to sit!).
Fire pit area
Huge tree with the 1890’s house in the background

When we were in Hill City, South Dakota we bought ground bison and I mixed it with regular hamburger meat to make our last meal on the RV! We had burgers on the grill, cauliflower rice and fruit salad. Cleaning out the fridge was the goal. At our next stop, we will be busy unpacking the RV and packing our cars all while trying to enjoy the first RV Resort we started in as it was gorgeous! They have a restaurant on site so we are going to do takeout from there for dinner.

While dinner was cooking we played a few cards games and laughed a lot. After dinner we walked around again, and Lucy the young tween who lives here told us all about the animals. And we met Buddy the Pig! Her family moved here from Southern California in May of 2019 and bought this farm which has a 1890’s 3000 sq ft house on the property which needs a renovation (this was part Lucy sharing and part me doing a search on Zillow). They have never lived on a farm or had one so this was a big change for their family. I asked what her favorite part of farm life was and she said, “you never have nothing to do”. Ah, that was great for my kids to hear!

Betsie and Eli with Lucy
Fred the resident goose
Buddy the pig
Listen to him snort!
The hens would peck and sit on him!
They were so funny!
We loved watching all the farm animals roam, especially Anna Cate
She called all the chickens and then wait for it….don’t know what exactly happened but it was definitely worth a laugh!
It was so cute watching the ducks march off!

After our walk we went back to the RV for dessert and more games. We are still in that silly, hit the wall phase. It is a bit weird at a Harvest Host site that the other RVers all stay to themselves. We saw one other couple out walking and that was it. It’s definitely a different feel.

Game time
Love this picture
Word was “banana”….lol! This is also a great shot of how TIGHT it was in the RV!

Eli is dying for us to watch Hamilton on Disney Plus as he has watched it over five times and loves it. We promised we would watch when we get back to the beach house before heading home to Richmond. We all loved the musical, so I have no doubt we will love the show too! He shared the beginning of it with us last night and it certainly looks great!

Bedtime was on the earlier side for us as we (Will and I) are tired as we don’t sleep all day on the drive as the kids do. And it was tight in here again as the site isn’t totally level and we could not put the slides out at all! Every time someone moved you felt it more than ever.

One more night in the RV. I can’t believe this epic trip is almost over!

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