Day Twenty- Six: Drive to Evansville, Wyoming

Will, Betsie and Eli woke up at 4:45 am to go see the sunrise at Schwabacher’s Landing along the Snake River. Since the water is calm here, it is a great location for capturing the Teton’s reflection in the water. I slept in with Anna Cate and Pawley. The pictures they captured were truly breathtaking! It was 40 degrees too!

Off they go
Before the sun hits the Tetons
These views!
Starting to see the sun
Almost doesn’t look real

On their way back to the RV they stopped to pick up breakfast for us. It was a nice treat! We took our time getting ready and by 10:30 am we left the RV park and headed into town. Jackson has been by far the most crowded place we have been! The town has so many people in the afternoon, I didn’t want to risk going. Earlier in the day the crowds aren’t as bad, except when I went to Cowboy Coffee Co. I love trying coffee shops and this was my first one on the trip! I waited in line for over 30 minutes, but it was worth it. We had fun going in and out of the most adorable shops and we picked up lunch at an adorable market we frequented (same place we go our picnic lunch from yesterday).

Boys breakfast place
Girls breakfast place
My coffee stop
Adorable town
Town square

By 12:30 pm we were on our way out of town but first we had to drop the rental car off at the airport. Jackson’s airport is the cutest airport I have ever seen. Fun fact: all of the Grand Tetons used to belong to the Rockefeller family and the Jackson Airport used to be their private runway. It’s the only airport in a National Park!

Adorable airport

Today we spent the majority of the day in the car driving to Evansville which is right outside Casper. The drive was rolling hills, mountains and lots of green. We started with more snow than we have see yet and ended with about a 10 mile stretch covered in deer. It made for a little stressful driving at the end.

The drive continues

As we were driving we passed through a town called Dubois. Will was looking closely for a store that sold big antlers as the last one he went in was a Texas and their prices were ridiculous! We found a store and it was awesome. The owner who also makes all the pieces in the store was as sweet as can be. It was a very successful trip!

The cutest shop
Antlers for miles
Bison skulls

Overall our drive was around five hours. I prepped dinner on the RV as I knew we would be rolling in later. We pulled into the RV Resort, River’s Edge around 7:00 pm. The resort is clean, spread out and quiet. We will explore more in the morning as we wanted to organize some while dinner was cooking. We enjoyed the chicken, broccoli and cauliflower rice casserole again I made on night one.

River’s Edge RV Resort
Sunset views to end the evening

The day went by quickly, and we all laughed at how we truly don’t have any set dinner time. Every day is different from when we eat to the last shower of the night. We are loving the freedom of simply going with the flow!

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