Day Twenty-Three: Drive from Heber City to Jackson, Wyoming

Do you ever have one of those days when you say, “I couldn’t even make this up if I tried”? Or, “let’s pretend today never happened”? I think we all would like to forget day twenty-three and skip right to day twenty-four. However, day twenty-three is part of our adventure and our story.

As you know I sleep in the back of the RV, in the biggest bed with Anna Cate. Anna Cate is like a magnet to sleep with, meaning wherever you are, she is right there. Besides when we have slept in Airbnb’s or VRBO’s, I haven’t had a great night’s sleep due to very little space, an arm or an elbow constantly wacking me in the head or legs on top of me locking me in so I couldn’t move. Take my many sleepless nights and a lot on my mind and let’s start with 3:00 am on July 2nd.

I woke in the middle of the night not feeling well and my stomach hurting, but I knew this stomach ache was different than my common stomach aches I get. I also felt very shaky and nervous. And I was very tired, as I was up most of the night between the thoughts swirling in my head and my sleeping partner. I came out to the sofa in the ‘living room’ around 6:00 am to try and get some shut eye while Will worked, knowing we were not having an early departure. I slept for about another hour in a half, when I tried to get up and have some peppermint tea. While I was drinking my tea, I was on my phone reading and still thinking of everything in my head and I started to panic (I didn’t know it at this time). It was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life! I thought I was going to die! I needed to lie down ASAP, have a cool cloth on my head and my breathing was like nothing before. If I had to list everything I was experiencing, here is the list: dry mouth, shakiness, dizziness, weakness, breathing fast, nausea, and tiredness. And of course during all of this I was thinking I had Covid!!!! I said, “Will you need to call 911”. He looked up where the hospital was and it was literally down the street. Three minutes away!

Em taking her “morning” nap with Pawley comforting her

If I had to give another positive plug to an RV, it would be the fact you can unhook and be on the road in no time! Will woke up Betsie and Eli and they immediately jumped right in to help and do whatever was asked, not panicking. Anna Cate thankfully was sleeping through the whole thing!

Within seven minutes we were unhooked, at the ER and Will walked up to tell them what was going on. By this point my breathing was somewhat back to normal; however, I was still very dizzy, shaky and my mouth was very dry. They came to the RV with a wheelchair and wheeled me in (mind you I was still in my pajamas, but I didn’t care). We stopped at the very front before going in to see if I was presenting any Covid symptoms. They circled one and took my temperature which was 98.6. Within less than five minutes I was in a room, in a gown and the doctor came in. I explained everything to him starting from three in the morning up until that moment (some details I am leaving out as we don’t need to talk about it) and he said it sounds like you had an anxiety/panic attack. By this time I was feeling much better and the only symptom was a little dizziness. He said he wanted to run some tests since we were traveling to check out some things. I had an EKG and lab work done; however, he said they have new protocols and they change every day for testing for Covid. He said, I was not presenting anything to get tested and I agree, I wasn’t. The breathing reaction I had was not trouble breathing, but more hyperventilating.

The ER

The hospital was super clean, everyone was extremely nice and I hung out there for about two hours. I did show some signs of dehydration in my blood work so they gave me a bag of IV fluids. This helped tremendously! All this time, Will was in the RV parked off on the side of the hospital feeding the kids breakfast. Due to the fact all of our clothes are in drawers we can only access them when the slide is open, so noone could get dressed. Well, actually Will could as he has everything upstairs in ‘his living quarters’.

I was discharged by 10:45 am and we went back to our RV site to put the slide out so we could get dressed and empty our tanks. Due to this excitement this morning, we were unable to make a stop in Park City, Utah on our way to Jackson, Wyoming. The drive to Jackson was a little over five hours and it was another beautiful drive. I sat upfront with Will most of the drive until I needed to take a much needed nap while Anna Cate was napping too. I tried to blog, but the cell reception was horrible and given our morning it was pushed back and posted really late last night.

Will has to document everything
The drive to Wyoming
More views of the drive
And more
All I could think about was the movie A River Runs Through It
Amazing views continue
Betsie helping to navigate
Even Pawley loved the fresh air

We arrived to Jackson around 5:00 pm and headed straight to the airport to pick up our rental car. By 5:50 pm we were pulling into our RV Resort, The Virginian. The location is great as we are walking distance to town if you wanted to walk, but it’s also a two second drive and close to the direction we need to head for both the Tetons and Yellowstone. However, after coming from two back to back really nice ‘RV Resorts’, this one is okay in regards to the overall feel and setting. It has amazing reviews from all sources, including our RV friends, Eileen and Don as this is where they stay. One negative is the bathhouse and the laundry facilities are closed. We don’t know if this is an RV Resort issue or a Wyoming issue. We have come to like the paved RV Resorts sites and this is gravel. I will say, we were tired from an emotional morning so our perspective of everything was off. And our story only continues from here….

The Virginian RV Resort

The first thing you do when you arrive at your RV site is you level your RV. We have a system that auto levels the RV for us. It takes less than a minute. Well, the auto leveler would not turn on. Nothing. No auto leveler, no slides. No slides going out, very tight space inside. This stop was going to be Will’s first stop that he would truly relax and he was very much looking forward to it. To give Will some space to try and figure out what was going on, I took the kids into town for dinner.

I will say Jackson Hole has been the most crowded place yet we have visited. I couldn’t believe the amount of people! While it’s mandatory to wear masks some were and some were not. On our way to dinner, Eli said “its funny how on this trip we truly don’t have a dinner time. Some nights it’s 9:00 pm and others its 6:30 pm. We just go with it.” He is correct. Our dinner time has been all over the place and the kids have been great. We tried one restaurant with outdoor seating, but due to the spacing of tables it was a forty-five minute wait. We decided to eat Mexican which we knew would be fast and they had space. And everyone Will and I were a bit crabby as we simply wanted to relax after the morning we had (not knowing what was going on with me in the moment it was rather emotional for both of us).

We were back at the RV within an hour and the problem wasn’t fixed. Will was talking to the owner of the RV and watching videos on the ‘auto leveler’ trying all possible ideas to fix it. Nothing. We have confirmed the panel is bad, which seems to happen often upon further research. The owner said we could still put the slides out; however, I was not comfortable with this and didn’t want the RV to tip on us. We did slide it out enough to get clothes for the next couple of days not knowing when the problem would be fixed. Good news: everything is still operable. Bad news: its tight in here.

Will trying to figure things out

By 10:00 pm we were all laughing from the day, which was a good sign. I decided to pull the sofa out and sleep here tonight giving me not only space, but a good nights sleep. Had I slept in the back with Anna Cate I would have had to climb over her in the morning when I got up as the only walking space and way out is on her side of the room due to the slides not being extended.

In writing all the above it kinda feels like a bad dream. We keep asking ourselves, did yesterday really happen? It’s a new day. I had a GREAT night’s sleep, the air is cool and crisp, Will made cinnamon rolls and sausage (I woke up to the smell of them cooking!) and we have a plan for trying to get the part we need. Through all this, we will not let it ruin our time and as I said, the only negative is we are extra cozy!

My blogging buddy

Cheers to starting day twenty-four!!!!

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Three: Drive from Heber City to Jackson, Wyoming

  1. Emile!!! So happy you are feeling better. Sending you lots of hugs. Wyoming looks so beautiful. Take it easy and soak in some peacefulness. 😘


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