Day Twenty-One: A Day of Driving to Virgin, Utah

As you know from yesterday, we hit the road by 10:00 am for our long(er) day of driving. The drive was pretty easy and relatively flat until we entered Utah. We had one mini stop off the interstate so Will could close his 6th deal! And when I say, “stop off the interstate”, picture us literally exiting Interstate 15 and pulling over as the area we were traveling through had great cell reception and we didn’t want to risk not having it up ahead. Will could seriously write a book about all the places he has closed deals!

Gorgeous views coming into Utah

The day was uneventful as we spent it in the car for forever six and half hours. Longer drives make for longer days. The breathtaking views in Utah were the perfect background after being in the car for so long.

How breathtaking are these views!
I could look at views like these for days!

We pulled into our RV Resort, Zion River RV Resort around 7:20 pm. As soon as we pulled in, I knew we were going to be wishing we had planned for a longer day time in Zion. The RV park was one of our favorites! Each site was large and had a personally grassy area with a table, fire pit and trees. We were steps from the Virgin River and the mountain views were incredible!

Pulling into the RV Resort
Front office and store
Our campsite!

Knowing we were going to have a late arrival, we enjoyed meatballs, pineapple and red peppers over rice again as it is super quick! As I was preparing and letting it cook we took a walk around the RV Resort to get the lay of the land (and to stretch our legs). This was the third time we ate our dinner outside (at our campsite) the whole trip. The weather was simply gorgeous! After dinner we went for a walk down by the river, before having s’mores and Pawley playing with a frog for the first time. It was rather hilarious!

Here comes Anna Cate to check out the Virgin River pre dinner.
How about this view!
Sometimes it’s the non posed picture that is my favorite!
Dinner is served!
Taking in every minute outside!
After dinner river walk.
Our Party of Five (Anna Cate was more interested in something else!)
Love love love

We went to bed very late, as we wanted to take in as much as we could at this RV Resort. Not knowing it when we booked it, it is highly rated as one of the best in the country! There was wifi; however, the reception wasn’t the greatest and it was rather nice to be off the grid! I can tell you with 100% certainty, the Rabkes are huge fans of Utah! We can not wait to explore Zion tomorrow.

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