Day Eighteen: Palm Springs, California

Guess what we did today? NOTHING! And it was absolutely lovely!

We were extremely lazy in the morning (and well into the afternoon) with Betsie and Anna Cate sleeping in the longest (10:45 am and 12:15 pm!!!!). I completed all our laundry of clothes, towels and sheets. In between loads I wrote yesterday’s blog post hopping from place to place outside as the sun would warm up my sitting area a little too much. Will worked a little too!

Blogging location #1
Blogging location #2

At 11:30 am Betsie and Eli were swimming while we were still waiting for AC to wake up and by 12:45 pm we were all outside soaking in some sunshine and pool time before it got blazingly hot (yesterday’s high was 109!).

After a late lunch we decided to hop in the car to take a little drive before we went to Jensen’s, an adorable little grocery store by the house to pick up dinner. Uptown/downtown was super cute and masks are mandatory in every public space in California.

In town

Eli loves chicken pot pie and it isn’t one of the easier dinners to prepare on the RV as it would take too long (and heat the whole RV up from too much stove and oven time which I try not to do), so we surprised him and the girls with mini chicken pot pies for dinner. Will wanted a filet mignon so we grilled two along with some fresh asparagus! Dinner was followed by s’mores outside well after sunset to let things cool off!

S’mores time
Wine time too!

It was the type of day we all needed and it was the best! Those who know me well, know I will take a lazy day any day of the week.

Since today’s post is on the shorter side and not to exciting I thought I would share two things with you. One, we got our family pictures back we had taken in Sugar Land. They turned out great and I love how simple they are (and the photographer was so quick in taking the photos. I think we were done in less than 30 minutes!).

All of us
Grands with the grandkids (ages 18-2)
My dad and his girls (yes, we all have different hair color…I’m his favorite brunette!).
Claire, Emilie and Elise (no jokes on my height, lol! Remember great things come in small packages!!!)
Emilie and her dad (aka Popo)
Our party of five
The Rollin’ Rabkes
The Crew of Rving in the USA

And two, here are some of my (our) favorite purchases we got before our trip which have proved to be well worth it. Many of my friends have Allbirds and I really didn’t need another pair of shoes, but I figured this trip would be the best place to try them out. I am so happy I decided to got for it. They are amazingly comfortable and I have worn them just about every single day! I went with the Tree Runners and am contemplating a second pair when I return home. Worth. Every. Penny.

The color I got too!

Three of us always get eaten alive if there are mosquitoes close by. Knowing this and that we would be outside a lot, Will researched the best mosquito devices for outside use. We have only lit a citronella candle once as these devices work so well. The only thing is we wish we had bought more refills (butane) for the Thermacill portable ones. I know we will find them here in California before we hit the road again. We have plenty of refills for the Radius.

Thermacell Portable MR300
Thermacell Radius

And as you know from a previous post, the second day on the road we bought a mini Weber Grill and it is worth its weight in gold. We pretty much only use the grill and the toaster oven (which they had) when cooking. The grill is small; however, it’s amazing how much you can actually cook on it.

Weber Q 1200 Gas Grill

Oh, and I almost forgot, make sure you have a cheap pair of ‘shower’ shoes for the bathhouses. The kids have crocs they use and when we were on the road I bought a Birkenstock knock off at Walmart for $7 and they have been the best. You not only wear them to the shower, but also in them! Trust me!

My Walmart purchase!

Will just came outside so we could plan our day and I asked him if I missed any purchases and he said, “my air seat”! How could I forget! Will bought a seat for the drivers seat that has a cooling fan that he is so happy he bought! This was a purchase he made in Texas and had shipped to my dad’s house before we left. Three days on the road was enough to know one was needed!

His seat cushion

I’m going to go take in this view and enjoy this breeze while I finish my coffee and try to read a chapter of my book (which I am loving by the way, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson) before we need to moving for the day.

Morning view

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