Day Seven: San Antonio

We had a short three hour drive to San Antonio with a pit stop out in the country to Rabke, Texas. Crazy, right! The very first Rabke who came from Germany is buried in the Rabke Cemetery in Rabke, Texas. He was Will’s great great great grandfather, Adolf Rabke.

The first Rabke from Germany to the USA

Rabke, Texas was named for the surname of a German family who settled there and the town came into being in the last decade of the 19th century. A German Methodist church was built in 1894 and the town’s grocery store was in town from the mid 1890’s through 1916. Within the store the town’s post office operated from 1898 until it closed in 1905. Rabke, Texas stopped appearing on the state maps in the mid 1930’s. There is a historical marker 8 miles west of Cuero, Texas (we actually drove by it and didn’t realize this was the marker!) that states The Five Mile (Ratcliffe)- Rabke Community sharing the story of the four German families who settled in this area. Except for the Rabke Methodist Church, the early community landmarks have disappeared. Now when this area comes up Yorktown, Texas. Every year Will’s extended family has a reunion at this church in May and last year was his first one he attended since he was a young child.

The Rabke Church
The Rabke Five
The oak tree on the gate is to mimic the large oak tree that was planted when Adolf Rabke was buried.
This oak tree

We arrived to our campsite in San Antonio around 4:30 pm after we picked up a rental car so we would not have to drive the RV into town. We stayed at Traveler’s World RV Resort, which was within the town limits versus outside as we knew this was going to be a quick visit with one overnight. The RV resort was fine in location, but the grounds and bath houses were nice. Had we been staying longer than one night, I would have wanted to be outside of the city a little bit.

Our entrance
Winnebago Drive
84 Winnebago Drive….our site

Once we set up Will worked for an hour catching up on emails while the rest of us explored the area. It wasn’t too long before we were in the car headed to the Riverwalk area to enjoy our first dinner out (and outside) since March 11th! Will took us to one of his favorite restaurants, Casa Rio, he used to frequent when he would come to San Antonio as a child as he spent the summers here with his aunt and uncle. Knowing they did not take reservations and the wait would be a little longer due to covid measures we placed our name on the list and walked around until our table was ready. I never realized how much I had missed going out to eat until we actually did last night. It was a nice treat! And yes mom we were cautious and had lots of hand sanitizer!

Riverwalk Selfie
Amy, food pictures per your request!

After our dinner the gentleman sitting behind us came over to say hi. I think he had a soft spot for Anna Cate. We believe he had had a stroke as it was hard for him to speak but it was a pleasure speaking with him. He and his wife were in town celebrating their anniversary. He was in the 101st Airborne and made over 40 combat jumps including several from over 38,000 feet! Not only was enjoying dinner out at a restaurant a nice treat, so was socializing and meeting new people. As I mentioned it was hard for him to speak, so when I asked him his name, he handed me his business card instead. Mr. Hoke was he name. Later when we were walking I looked at his card in more detail and his area of business for over 40 years was in the advertising industry. He was the original writer of Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” campaign! And he co-wrote McDonalds “You Deserve a Break Today”. I love meeting new people and hearing their story. While, Mr. Hoke didn’t share this with us in our conversation it was a neat surprise to read on his card as I remember being a kid when these commercials came out.

Mr. Hoke and the kids

After dinner we walked over to see The Alamo from a distance as it is closed due to covid and some remodeling. The Alamo has been on Eli’s list to see since he read about it in school.

Anna Cate being serenaded!
The Alamo
Great smiles!
Alamo Facts

Once we returned back to our campsite Betsie went to practice tennis on a pickle ball court with her tennis rebounder and Eli practiced putting on the mini golf course. Anna Cate and I took a nice walk while Pawley enjoyed running around in the dog playing area. Before our walk Anna Cate and I met a nice man who came over to ask where in Georgia we were from (the license plate on the RV is from Georgia). We explained we were not and ended up talking for a good 15 minutes. They were from outside Atlanta and in the last year started living the RV life to travel. They had one of the huge and beautiful Class A motorhomes! Every person we have met at our campsites have been not only incredibly friendly, but helpful as well. And they all leave you with, “if you need any help please do not hesitate to ask us.” It is so refreshing to see and experience such kindness!

Pawley time

This morning Will woke up early to have his office hours and the kids slept in till 8:30 am. We took our time having breakfast and getting ready before we departed to take the rental car back. We are continuing our journey across Texas (this state as you know is HUGE) and will make an overnight stop as the drive to our next location would simply be too long. Plus we like to be able to pull off and visit other towns along the way if want to and this gives us the flexibility to do so. We try not drive more than five or a little over five hours in a day.

Pawley found a new favorite spot on Anna Cate’s lap to sit and enjoy the ride. I think she loves it too!

Off we go through the Hill Country of Texas!

One thought on “Day Seven: San Antonio

  1. Sweet Dreams everyone. Sounds like a wonderful day. Love seeing Pawley in AC’s lap. Been rainy and nasty here. Boo hoo. I want shrimp tacos now!


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