Day Six: Last Day in at Casa de O’Neau

Today was filled with sleeping in, all meals outside, swimming, relaxing by the pool, doing laundry (Emilie) and working (Will). The humidity increased as did our time submerged in the pool… was HOT! We also collected all our our last minute Amazon purchases including required summer reading books for Eli as this was our last chance for any deliveries until we are back home. One of the purchases Will could not wait for was a cooling pad with a built in fan for the driver’s seat. He gives it a thumbs up this morning on the road.

Gama breakfast of eggs, bacon and hash browns
Pool time! It’s so funny to see my kids next to each other. My oldest (Anna Cate) is the shortest and my youngest (Eli) is my tallest. If Anna Cate didn’t have Rett Syndrome I often wonder how tall she would be!
When in Texas….
Getting in her last day of swimming before we leave

Our last dinner was a celebration of two upcoming birthdays, mine (Emilie) and Eli’s. The hosts at our Airbnb (aka Gama and Popo) certainly know how to make everyone feel special! We had a big salad with sliced grilled chicken on the Kamado Joe (like the Big Green Egg) and we have never eaten anything from one of these types of grills before. The smokey flavor was delicious and the chicken was juicy! I requested a “light” dinner as we have been eating many foods outside our normal dietary circle a little more frequently as you can’t travel through some states and not indulge. And I knew there could be some sweet treats on the horizon for dessert too. If we aren’t careful we will be coming back with the RV 15!

Two more days till I’m officially 44.
And soon (in four weeks) our “baby” will be a teenager!

I thought I would also document we had our first camping/Rving bite. When we were disconnecting our RV from the campsite at the KOA outside Baton Rouge Will got bit by fire ants. We did not know that was what they were 100% until yesterday when he mentioned it to my dad who is allergic to them. He feels much better today but the last two days were rather itchy and burning!

Since yesterday was a quiet day, I thought I would give you a little tour on the blog of our RV. When we set up there are three things we must do before anything else can be done. The first one is check the side of the RV where the slide extends out to make sure we have enough clearance (about three feet). Then we auto level the RV, which is fun to watch. Once the RV is level, we extend the slide and turn off the RV, before hooking up to the electrical box and the city water and sewage. Once we are hooked up the AC starts running and we begin to unpack the little areas we had to stow away during the drive to prevent from falling. And besides putting the awning out and setting up our outdoor living space with our outdoor rug, chairs and table we are done! All of this takes about ten minutes.

Let’s begin the tour…..visualize me opening the door and welcoming you in. As we walk up two steps you enter our living room/kitchen combo area to your left and the driver and passenger seats to the right. Above the driver is a queen bed where Will sleeps and has one mini office setup. We have a curtain we hang behind the driver and passenger seat to allow for privacy from the windshield and then the ladder to our “upstairs” attaches in front of the curtain. There is also a TV on a swivel which acts as our tv in the living room. *disclaimer here: we have only used each tv once and until its needed for a rainy day I think we will keep it this way. Even in Sugar Land not one TV was turned on in the house.

Where Will and Anna Cate are is the steps up. Eli is looking into Will’s “bedroom”. We do not drive with the curtain up.

Back in our living room/kitchen area we have a dinette that seats four (and has four seat belts), a sofa for four (but really three comfortably and also with seatbelts). Both of these areas also lay flat to become additional sleeping areas as this RV could sleep ten (I can not imagine ten of us sleeping in here….maybe one more!) In our kitchen we have a microwave, oven, cooktop, double sink and a little collapsible table attached to the counter you can extend for extra counter space. All of this is on one side. On the other side we have a fridge (which is actually a good size) and a freezer (which is surprisingly deep).

Betsie in the “kitchen” and you can see part of the dinette.
Oven, stove and microwave….and the bunks
The refrigerator is the door by the trash can and the wood door leads to the bathroom. The drawers you see far in the back is the dresser in the queen bedroom. This gives you an idea how close everything is. But honestly, it has never felt crowded with all of us in here!

As we walk back, well actually take two steps, we have the bunk beds Betsie and Eli are sleeping in on our right and the door to the bathroom on our left. Each bunk bed has a tv, light, window (with a shade), a privacy curtain and there are two drawers under the bottom bunk. The bathroom is conveniently a good size for two people, even three in there at a time isn’t too bad. We have a toilet, good size shower, sink and two cabinets.

The sink which you can not see is to my right.

If we continue walking about four steps from the bunk beds or go out the other door in the bathroom, we come to the Queen Bedroom where Anna Cate and I (Emilie) sleep. We have two bedside tables, four cabinets above our head, three windows, a tv, an armoire, and seven drawers.

Queen bedroom
Dresser and armoire

And that ends the tour of the RV! If you are on Instagram, we have an account which is the same name as our blog that Betsie runs and she did a live tour of our RV (it is saved in the highlights) if you are interested in seeing more (and her commentary is rather funny).

That is a wrap for Day Six. We left Sugar Land this morning and hit the open road. See you tomorrow!

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