Day Five: First Full Day in Sugar Land

It felt incredibly nice to simply relax and do nothing today. And by nothing I mean, we didn’t leave the house. Will, my dad and I were the first three up and we sat outside enjoying coffee and conversation. When Eli came outside Popo surprised him by saying he will take him to one of his favorite places, Shipley’s Do-nuts! While they went to get do-nuts I took that time to blog and Will caught us up on the news.

My writing area
Do-nut time

Once everyone was up and moving we suited up to lounge by the pool all day. It was the best! Movement is very important for Anna Cate so pool time is wonderful for her mobility as is taking walks. After lunch Will and I went out to the RV to re-organize some areas we wanted to reconfigure before we hit the road again. The placement of some items did not make sense for how we use them and there were some items we knew we would not use we wanted to move to a permanent storage area. We both love organization and knew we could not continue the road trip without making some adjustments.

Eli and Popo throwing the football

It has been years since our family had professional pictures taken with my dad’s side of the family. And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE pictures and documenting all moments, big and small. My sister, Claire, contacted a photographer she had recently used to come to my dad’s house to take pictures of all of us outside. It was perfect! We simply showered, got dressed and headed outside…no stress. Knowing we will want to use these outfits again, we quickly changed our clothes to save them before we enjoyed a family meal around the table. It was so nice having everyone together.

There is always room at the table. Starting with Anna Cate, next is Will, Betsie, Jon (Claire’s husband), my sister Elise (we are 14 years apart), Theo (Claire and Jon’s son), Joyce (aka Gama or Yama), my sister Claire (we are 9 years apart), Eli, my dad is taking the picture and then me.

Theo spent one more night with us and the kids are enjoying playing with him. He is at stage where he loves all trucks which reminds us when Eli was in the same stage eleven years ago.

Theo playing with his garbage truck from Anna Cate, Betsie and Eli

I think everyone is enjoying the time to spread out and do their own thing, especially Pawley. He runs and plays and we don’t have to worry about him leaving the yard as it is fenced in or getting into the pool because of the toddler fence around the pool area.

Pawley running and playing

Day five was all around exactly what we needed before heading back on the road!

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