Day Four: Third Day on the Road

We are becoming I-10 regulars. Today we drove for five hours with one 45 minute stop as Will needed to take a conference call. It was easier all the way around if we stopped so he could talk without road noise as many parts of I-10 were under construction making the roads rough. Will only encountered one white knuckle moment during our drive which was driving through construction zones in Louisiana with two lanes of traffic and concrete barricades on both sides. It made for some narrow situations!

As we were in the last 15 minutes of our drive to Sugar Land, Texas we hit some traffic due to a section of the highway we were on being closed. Between Waze and RV Life we were able to find an alternate route. The timing of this traffic was actually perfect as the area we were in would be compared to the mixing bowl in Northern Virginia (for those of you who live or have driven through that area) but times two as everything is bigger in Texas! Instead of driving 75 we slowed down to 35 and it made for a more relaxed drive to Casa de O’Neau, otherwise known as Popo and Gama’s house.

For spring break this year, which was the week before stay at home orders were issued in Virginia we were in Texas visiting my dad and Joyce so in a way it feels like we were just here. However, when we started laying out our route for our trip we knew we would be stopping in for a few days. In a typical year we only see them once, so we jump on any extra visits we can get. And Anna Cate hasn’t seen them in three years or met her new cousin who just turned two.

It is quite funny to see our RV parked in their driveway. They even commented on how it looks smaller in the pictures. During our RV adventure cross country there will be at least four stops where we will stay in an AirBnb to give ourselves a little more space. We felt this was a good solution to a long road trip for all of us. Our first “Airbnb” experience is at Casa de O’Neau (O’Neau is a combination of my maiden name, Morneau and my step mom’s last name, O’Donnell).

As we continue our RV journey I keep finding more and more reason I love being in an RV. Once we arrive at our destination, whether it is a campsite or an Airbnb, there is little to no unpacking of our clothes and personal items. At my dad’s we are simply leaving all our clothes in the RV and will go out to get what we need and only brought in our toiletries. Love this!

Within 30 minutes of us arriving Anna Cate, Eli, Will, Joyce and Theo (my nephew) were in the pool while my dad and Betsie went to pick up Mexican food (Will’s favorite!) to celebrate Will’s birthday. The weather here is in the 90’s; however, the breeze is amazing. You would think it would be too hot (especially in Texas) to sit outside for dinner; however, every time we visit there is always a constant breeze. Quite honestly, when we are here we spend more time outside than we do inside. Anna Cate is our outdoor loving child so she is in paradise!

Anna Cate in her happy place
Theo going for a ride with Uncle Will
Theo isn’t quite sure what to think about all of us. I completely forgot to take a picture of the yummy food spread!!! Will’s sombrero will have to do.
Anna Cate and I relaxing before dessert
The tres leches cake was delicious!!! Sparkler candles are fun yet one didn’t light and when it finally did it turned. We really know how to put in a candle correctly!

Everyone, except Eli, spread out to sleep in multiple beds (no one wanted to share) and we all slept in. Eli slept on the sofa, but asked if Betsie could switch with him tonight. I may go hide/sleep in the RV and see how long it takes them to find me! We did have two mini wake up calls one at 4:00 am with a yell to Yama (Joyce) from Theo and then an Amber Alert at 5:30 which scared us all with the loud beeping. I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or what.

We are calling Casa de O’Neau home till Tuesday enjoying visiting with family taking in each moment.

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