24 Hours and Counting

We are in the final countdown until we pick up the RV. Two cars are packed with four seasons of clothes, the Instapot and everything in between. The house is rather calm as the kids are soaking in every last minute of gaming and social media time before our family unplugs for almost five weeks (except for this blog, a family instagram account…see link on our home page and Will working from the road). Reservations are made for every stop along the way. Menus are planned out until the next grocery store stop. And the dog even went to boot camp!

The next month is going to be filled with memories of a lifetime. Make no mistake I know there will be high moments and low moments on this journey. However, the extra time we have been given together as a family with three teenagers is a blessing and one we do not want to waste.

RV ready? At this point I think we are as ready as we are ever going to be!

Adventure Awaits,

Emilie, Will, Anna Cate, Betsie, Eli and Pawley

7 thoughts on “24 Hours and Counting

  1. I cannot wait to read this National Rabkoons Vacation! I have a friend on a similar journey who took off 2 days ago, thus far that haven’t killed each other. 😂😂 Have a wonderful time!!!

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    1. I love the National Rabkoons Vacation!!!! Where is your friend headed?!? RV too!?!? Thanks for your well wishes!!!


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